one and a Half weeks after the terrorist attack of Strasbourg, with five dead, there are a further indication for an Islamist Background of the fact. Investigators discovered on a USB memory Stick a Video in the assassin Chérif Chekatt the Islamic state (IS), the Loyalty vows. The news agencies AFP and Reuters reports, citing judicial circles.

The multiple ex-offenders Chekatt had on 11. December in the city centre of Strasbourg opened fire. In the attack, several people were injured. Chekatt was killed two days later by the police. The IS claimed the attack after the death of Chekatts and named him posthumously as one of their “soldiers”. According to witnesses, the attackers shouted during the attack “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great).


shortly after the attack,the IS had claimed that the 29-Year-old was one of their “soldiers” have been, and the calling followed, citizens from member States of the Anti-IS coalition in Syria and Iraq to attack. France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner had this doubt, however.


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