The National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, has warned of sharp words in front of violence against the Opposition or US diplomats in Venezuela. Any Form of violence or intimidation against American diplomats, and even interim President Juan Guaidó or the Opposition-dominated Parliament proclaimed would be a “grave attack on the rule of law” and would have a “significant response” in Washington, wrote to Bolton on Twitter.

Although mentioned Bolton the name of the controversial President Nicolás Maduro. However, the security adviser of US President Donald Trump in a linked Tweet said that the “support” of socialist Cuba for Maduro’s security forces is generally known.

Guaidó had agreed on Wednesday to interim President. The United States recognized him immediately, Canada, and several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia followed. Russia and China blocked on Saturday the UN security Council, but one of the USA’s proposed statement of support Guaidós. Several EU States, including Germany, Maduro, a period of eight days to call new elections. Otherwise, it would recognize you Guaidó. Maudro rejected the deadline.


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