The European Parliament is preceded in the discussion of the handling of the situation in Venezuela. The deputies decided in Brussels, by a large majority, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the rightful interim President of the South American country. At the same time they called on the governments of the EU member States to follow this decision.

439 the parliamentarians voted for the decision, 104. In addition, there were 88 abstentions. As the reason for the clear positioning in the Declaration adopted by the recent Statements of the acting President, Nicolás Maduro, were called. This had been rejected by the EU-calling for a prompt and fair election of a new President in the country open to the public.

The recognition Guaidós should apply according to the Parliament decision now until new “will be held free, transparent and credible presidential election”.

period until Sunday

Whether the EU States can agree a common line on the question of recognition, was until recently unclear. Should the subject of it is meeting on Thursday afternoon discussions at an informal foreign Ministers in the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

Several European countries such as Germany, France and Spain had put Maduro last weekend an Ultimatum. The threat was: Calling out Maduro up to this Sunday, no free and fair elections, they want to Guaidó, the self-declared interim head of state acknowledge, as a transitional President.

the goal is actually to make this decision on behalf of the EU. Countries such as Greece refused but until the last to join them. That Europe recognises Parliament Guaidó, has mostly symbolic significance, because it has in foreign policy issues the EU is not a right of co-determination.

In the power struggle between the left-nationalist head of state and the opposition to the President of Parliament were on Wednesday in Venezuela, once again of thousands of people on the street. They requested, among other things, the armed forces, Maduro avert and behind Guaidó. So far, the powerful military holds to Maduro.


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