Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has indicated willingness to talk with his rival Juan Guaidó. However, under one condition: International mediators, the supervision should.

“I am ready to sit with the Opposition to the negotiating table, to speak for the benefit of Venezuela on peace and the future,” said Maduro, the state-run Russian news Agency Ria Novosti (RIA), in an Interview published on Wednesday. Maduro had already indicated a few days ago possible talks with the opposition.

rumors about a possible re-election denied Maduro. “We let anyone in the world an Ultimatum or blackmail,” he told the news Agency. “If the Imperia new elections lists, you have to wait until 2025.”

In Venezuela, there’s now a power struggle between Maduro and opposition leader Guaidó. The US-supported Parliament-in-chief Guaidó had declared himself interim President, and wants to urge the head of state, Maduro from office. The re-election of Maduro in the last year, did not meet the democratic Standards.

New protests

Venezuelan President expected to speak of a coup against his socialist government. While Guaidó undergoes broad international support, missing him in the country itself in a real position of power. The powerful military is yet to Maduro.

The Russian news Agency Sputnik quoted him on Wednesday saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin have helped Venezuela in every respect. Russia had criticized – such as China – the recently imposed US sanctions against Venezuela, and Maduro’s government to secure its support.

Guaidó called on his supporters to new protests against the government. Therefore, it should come this Wednesday to the decentralized rallies and on the weekend to a further mass demonstration. Previously, the Supreme court of Venezuela had frozen and a travel ban against Guaidóverhängt and its accounts.

Maduro said in the RIA Interview, the army to show loyalty to the legitimate authorities of the country. The US sanctions against Venezuela’s state Oil company, PDVSA, he called illegal.


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