in the Midst of the power struggle between Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro and the Opposition of the secret service Sebin has taken the Parliament’s President, Juan Guaidó fixed and shortly thereafter released. “Sebin agents have arrested the President of the national Assembly, the deputies Juan Guaidó, and to a yet unknown destination”, informed the national Assembly on Sunday on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, he was released, according to media reports again. Journalists who reported on the incident, were therefore still in the custody of the authorities.

The officials stopped the President of Parliament on the highway between the capital, Caracas, and La Guaira. Guaidó wanted to participate in the Federal state of Vargas in a protest against the increasingly authoritarian government. In the social networks published Videos was to see how masked officers, forced a Person into a SUV and sped away.

After Maduro’s controversial inauguration had challenged the President of the Parliament the head of state is open. On Friday, he announced, to assume the presidency temporarily and elections to be fixed. He referred to the Constitution of the South American country and asked the population and the armed forces to support.

A “Show of Right”?

Despite protests at home and abroad had Maduro on Thursday for a second term swearing in. Numerous States, international organizations and the Venezuelan Opposition referred to his re-election last year as undemocratic. The organization of American States (OAS) not to recognize Maduro as a legitimate President. The US and the EU called on the head of state to return to democracy.

Maduro, however, of the forces spoke of a conspiracy of imperialist under the leadership of the United States, and swore his followers to the defense of socialism. Guaidós uprising was merely a “Show of Right”.

in fact, the government weakened opponents in Venezuela: Maduro the Opposition-controlled Parliament in 2016 disempower. His skills were of the government loyal to the Constitution transferred to the Assembly. Many government opponents sit in prison, not allowed to engage politically, or went into exile.

In previous waves of Protest, the Opposition had brought in over the next few weeks, tens of thousands of people against Maduro on the road. During violent clashes between security forces, paramilitary motorcycle gangs – the Colectivos and protesters came out in 2014 and 2017, a total of more than 160 people were killed.

in Addition, putting Maduro on the support of the powerful military generals are sitting in key positions of Power, control the Oil business, the Import of food, banks, and mining companies. Many want to be involved in corruption and criminal business.


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