The house of Judah Venezuelan Parliament has accused President Nicolás Maduro, the illegitimate takeover of power. The constitutional order must be restored, said the opposition President of the national Assembly Juan Guaidó.

Maduro was sworn in last Thursday, despite the international protests for a second term. Against his re-election in may 2018, the massive allegations of Manipulation were raised. The organization of American States (OAS) not to recognize Maduro as a legitimate President. The US and the EU called on the head of state to return to democracy.

The leader of the opposition, and Parliament President, Juan Guaidó is now entered into open resistance against the head of state, Maduro. Guaidó had already declared last week that he was ready to assume the presidency temporarily and call an election, if he could count on the support of the people, the armed forces and the international community.

US President, Trump appears on the side of the Opposition

U.S. President Donald Trump is considering, the leader of the opposition, Guaidó as the rightful President of the country to recognize, as the transmitter CNN reported on its Spanish website, citing multiple Insider. The US office of the President was not initially be reached for comment.

Venezuela under Maduro’s left government into a severe economic crisis. The country suffers from an Inflation of 200,000 per cent, and a lack of basic foodstuffs and medicines. The difficult situation has led to a mass Exodus to neighboring countries.

Maduro for the position of the US-led economic war is responsible, have a roll-over to the target. The USA has imposed since 2017 multiple sanctions against Venezuela. Critics see it as a reason for the development, however, government incompetence, non-functional currency controls and corruption


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