The Opposition-controlled Parliament of Venezuela head of state, Nicolás Maduro agreed in front of his for Thursday’s scheduled swearing-in for a second term, the legitimacy. “Nicolas, this 10. January is not going to swear in as the legitimate national Assembly,” wrote the new President Juan Guaidó on Twitter.

“From the 10. In January he will tear down the presidency and, consequently, this national Assembly is the only legitimate representative of the people,” said Guaidó after his swearing-in. He announced to create the “conditions for a transitional government and free elections to declare”.

In the case of the Declaration of the Parliament, however, it is only a symbolic gesture, since Maduro has disempowered the Parliament de facto. A broad opposition Alliance had won in 2015, the parliamentary elections in Venezuela.

a critique of choice

The socialist President of the crisis-ridden South American Öllandes in disputed elections in may 2018 in the office had been confirmed. Numerous States, international organizations and the Venezuelan Opposition spoke of an undemocratic electoral process, and not recognised the result. On Friday 13 States of the so-called Lima-a group of Maduro requested to refrain from swearing.

The United States, which had been imposed in the past few months a series of sanctions against Venezuela, reiterated their support for the Opposition in the country. The national Assembly was the only “democratically elected Institution” in Venezuela, said US state Department spokesman Robert Palladino. He denounced the “authoritarian and corrupt Maduro Regime”. Washington’s support for the parliamentarians to defend the “democracy” and a change of government.

Many members of the opposition sitting in Venezuela in prison. More than three million Venezuelans have left the country because of the catastrophic economic situation and political Repression. (For more on the Situation in the country, you can read here.)

Also a member of the Venezuelan constitutional court is fled abroad. The court said on Sunday, against the judge, Christian Zerpa will be determined on suspicion of sexual harassment of employees. Venezuelan journalists saw the escape, however, in connection with the planned re-swearing-in of Maduro.

Zerpa was to the constitutional court a member of a chamber, which deals with the right to vote. The journalist Carla Angola reported that it had Zerpa interviewed; of these had fled to Florida and was willing to work with U.S. investigators in the investigation of corruption and human rights violations in Venezuela to cooperate.


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