Once Venezuela was rich, but today, the country can import hardly any food, medicines and things of daily needs. Millions of people have already fled abroad. The head of state, Nicolás Maduro ruled increasingly autocratic. Hundreds of thousands go against him on the street, are calling for Maduro’s resignation. Instead, Juan is to take Guaidó, the self-proclaimed interim President.

There are times of the most severe economic and political crisis, the lives of Venezuela. How do the people in the country? What Fears and hopes do you have? Voices from the capital, Caracas:

Luis Mata , 32 years old, comes from the state of Sucre in the East. He is through in Caracas with the opportunity to work: “We need a change, so it can’t go on. Here in the East, there is no work, the people are starving, there is no milk for the children, the people will not eat fish and Yucca, what Else there is. I am since three years in Caracas, and here the Situation is also bad. I’m sure Maduro will not give up his Power voluntarily, rather, he brings the people that he assigns.”

Guaidó in front of followers

Yohan Alexander , 32 years old, sold bananas on the street and has a six-month-old daughter: “I don’t go to the protest marches, I don’t have a small Baby, there it goes. I was once a Chavista, but since Maduro is in Power, I’m not for the government. This President does nothing for Venezuela. We don’t have to work here to survive, for the more it be enough. Guaidó could be a light on the horizon. It must go ahead, there’s no food, there are no Goods, we need drugs, I know what this Maduro is doing – he has also introduced the new money, but it also brings nothing, because of Inflation.”

A masked Boy with free upper body: “We say: Maduro, write your resignation document. We don’t like it, if the Gringos invade here. In any case, a military invasion! Hopefully Guaidó bring Venezuela back to the front, we have demonstrated for him. If we don’t support him, if the people rise up, then everything remains the same. We starve everyone, including the police, have us firing tear gas and buckshot but Hunger. Our parents pounding a beat with three, four Jobs to buy food.”

A vermummtes girl with pink jacket: “I’m 15 years old, I’ll be 16 in March. My mother became ill and we get neither a doctor nor medication for you. She is 52 years old, I’m not fighting for you and for my sister, so she’s leaving the country. I can’t visit my Relatives because there are no buses. How can Maduro claim that the youth is doing well, everything was in order? We lose our youth, the children of their Childhood, if this crap continues.”

a rally in Caracas

Adon Hernández , age 62, sitting on a Park bench. “I am in favour of Maduro. I am severely disabled. The governments before that have helped me a bit, since Chávez I get support. Here you can stand no one and how Guaidó explain: I’m the President now. The is not running. With so a coup, you get stuck, here is the only way to something, if you get a choice of the majority. I think in the end only strengthens the Maduro government.”

Edgar Figuerero , a retired doctor. “I was at the Demonstration against the government, I was also Chavist never in my life. Here, you can’t go in the evening in front of the door, from eight o’clock in violence on the street. Guaidó not allowed to play now insane, he needs good advisors. It must be a peaceful power exchange. I am not in favour of a military intervention of the United States, but to provide humanitarian aid. Maduro should learn from history, otherwise he ends up like Napoleon: alone, sad and abandoned.”

Translation and editing: Christoph Twickel

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.