Previously saved health insurance companies the photo of your Insured until the end of the insurance relationship, using it for a replacement or subsequent cards. This is no longer possible. The Federal social court (BSG) has decided on Tuesday that insurers will have to delete the photo as soon as you have manufactured the insurance card.

An Insured with the techniker Krankenkasse had complained, because he determination saw through the storage of his photos of his fundamental right to informational self-injured.

argued with The insurance company to check for each card, a new photo and to process, lead to unnecessary additional costs. The photos would be stored securely, data protection is guaranteed.

fun photos with a Teddy bear or a penguin

According to the health insurance funds went solely to the technician health insurance every day, tens of thousands of new photos and even some fun photos with a Teddy bear or penguin.

The BSG has now decided, however, that the funds are not allowed to save the photos anyway, without the permission permanently. The data privacy regulations permitted otherwise, the storage and processing only for the immediate purpose, i.e. the creation of the map. After that, the insurance companies would have to delete the photo.

For 2015 by law, an insurance card Insured at the doctor with a photo to submit. This is to prevent abuse. A Chip in the future as a comprehensive “electronic health card” is used, it contains so far, but only basic data such as Name and date of birth.

Az. B 1 KR 31/17


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