over-the-counter, pharmacy-only drugs may be available from a pharmacy from oberharz am Brocken on Amazon sold. This is not contrary to the competition law, decided by the land court of Magdeburg, a court spokesman said.

A pharmacist from Munich, have sued as a competitor, and was now put, the speaker. The defendant pharmacist occurs, therefore, on the Online marketplace Amazon with the name of his pharmacy, which also handles sales and shipping of the drugs.

From the point of view of the competent chamber of Commerce of the Landgericht, this trade route allowed. You referred to the speaker, according to the case law of the Federal administrative court from the year 2012, according to the Internet mail-order trade in prescription-free medicines. The defendant operated a pharmacy and have the official permit for the shipment of drugs.

customer review from the perspective of the chamber of Commerce, no violation of the law. Each user of the site can immediately realize that it was advertising or reviews of the pharmacy itself, but rather the opinions of consumers. Against the provisions of the medicines advertising will therefore also be in breach.

The judgment is not yet final, the applicant may appeal to the higher regional court of Naumburg.

reference: 36 O 48/18 from 18.1.2019


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