MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. Lindh, you are affected by the hacker attack. When did you learn of it?

Lindh: relating to the current case, I was informed on Thursday evening, first by a coworker, then our Parliamentary managing Director Carsten Schneider called me. I still have no Overview of how bad it is this time.

MIRROR ONLINE: Why this time?

Lindh: I was already attacked in March 2018 by hackers.

MIRROR ONLINE: As you have noticed this?

Lindh: , The attacker has spread across my Facebook and Twitter profile of racist messages. The passwords were exchanged, including my private Email account and my Amazon profile were affected. This, in turn, used by the attacker to send qurans, dog feces, mock-UPS and other Surprises to my address and paid with my credit card.

Christoph Busse Helge Lindh , Born in 1976, in 2017 the German Bundestag. Wuppertal is since 1999 a member of the SPD.

MIRROR ONLINE: What it has done to you?

Lindh: This is an extremely bad feeling about this. They have stolen my identity, you will feel defenseless and vulnerable. To me, a thought went through the head: Who knows what the company? I was afraid of my family and my employees.


MIRROR ONLINE: , there Were concrete threats?

Lindh: Yes. In the course of the year, I get numerous hate mail and letters in which it was said that I am hung on the nearest lamp, or a Guillotine to be beheaded. Eventually, I prescribed myself a certain amount of naivety, in order to protect me, in order not to be paralyzed.

MIRROR ONLINE: How you have taken action against the attacker?

Lindh: I immediately filed a complaint and the case, the BKA reported. Since then, I have a contact person at the police station, I give each and every incident. Serious stuff like the death threats go protection to the state.

MIRROR ONLINE: and they said they had no Overview of the current case, but, you know, which data have been published by them?

Lindh: I’ve heard that I’m particularly affected. So a private address, Bank details, private emails.

MIRROR ONLINE: What do you expect from the authorities?

Lindh: First of all, of course, must be the perpetrator is identified. Secondly, it is also about the subject: What is behind the attack? This is an attack on our political culture. Thirdly, we need to be members to be better protected. It can’t be true, that we know, how we can safely communicate. And the last point: social media must respond to such attacks faster. For me, it took four weeks until I had access to my private mail account. Four weeks, the Account was in a foreign Hand.

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