Germany, with a victory in the main round of the Handball world championship. The DHB-team won against Serbia 31:23 (16:12). The had already confessed before the duel, as had been clear that Serbia would miss this.

the Best thrower in the German Team, Matthias Musche with five goals. In the case of Serbia stabbed Nemanja Ilic (six goals).

Germany is in the preliminary round group A with eight points. Whether the success of the group victory will suffice, depends on the result of the French (seven points) in the game against Russia (20.30). For the rest of the tournament the final ranking is, however, negligible. After Brazil’s victory over Korea in the afternoon, that Germany, just like France, with 3:1 points in the main round.

That the duel would end against Serbia in Berlin so significantly, was not in sight, at least, have been at the beginning. Serbia’s Defensive German players rarely up to the circle, the result of time pressure and throws out of the back room. The longer the match lasted, the better the final positions were. At the end of the rate of success of the German team was 67 percent, Serbia has reached 49 percent.

This was also due to a strong DHB-Defensive and good saves from Silvio Heinevetter. The goalkeeper got the nod ahead of Andreas Wolff, and advanced with this 39. World Cup-use to place three of the German Handball-rank list. More Championships, only used by Christian Black (51), Oliver Roggisch (44) were in the world.

in the second half parried Heinevetter part spectacular. He was intense challenged than before, probably had to do with the fact that national coach Christian Prokop had some Stars out there, probably in order to conserve them for the upcoming main round. Also tactically, he used the opportunity to test variations.

Seriously it will be back on Saturday, then the main round starts be determined in the the four semi-finalists. Who will be the opponent, not yet determined.


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