Shown above is the head office of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). The KCCI has collaborated with Vietnam to introduce a fast-track quarantine system this month. Photo courtesy of KCCI

Korean businesspeople visiting Vietnam see reduced quarantine period

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) said on Aug. 25 that its “vaccine track” system works properly this month through cooperation with Vietnam.

Under the new system, Vietnam halves the quarantine period for vaccinated businesspeople from South Korea. Last week, 84 people from 50 Korean companies flew to the Southeast Asian country.

They were required to go through just seven days of compulsory quarantine as long as they submit negative PCR and vaccination certificates.

As the COVID-19 pandemic expanded in Vietnam, the country even imposed a 28-day quarantine for all visitors.

Against this backdrop, the KCCI has collaborated with the Vietnamese authorities to come up with the “vaccine track” system to enable Korean businesspeople to visit Vietnam.

Korean companies, which operate their business in Vietnam, are seemingly happy with the policy.

“After the fourth wave of COVID-19 broke out in Vietnam this April, we could not enter the country, and so we lacked people to operate facilities there,” a Kia official said.

“As we have restarted business travel, however, we will be able to continue the development of three cars there.”

A representative from camera module manufacturer Namuga also said: “Until now, none of our engineers could visit Vietnam, which made it difficult to develop and roll out products.”

“In particular, we struggled to manage quality control because our engineers were not there.”

A KCCI official said that the outfit will continue to talk with the Vietnamese government to try and regularize the “vaccine track” system.

“The ASEAN region, including Vietnam, is the overseas production hub for our corporations. Hence, the special entry to the country being pushed for this time, despite the pandemic,” KCCI Vice Chairman Woo Tae-hee noted.

“The special entry of vaccinated business travelers and the reduced quarantine period are feats, which greatly demonstrate our companies’ willingness to invest in Vietnam. Through such efforts, we also will be able to win the trust of the Vietnamese government.”