Ukrainian politics is never short of surprises, and the return on the front of the stage, Viktor Medvedtchouk, at the dawn of an election year crucial presidential election in march 2019, legislative in October, not least. For the Ukrainians, a single word sums up Mr Medvedtchouk : this oligarch Ukrainian 64-year-old figure honnie in Kiev, is the koum of Vladimir Putin. In other words, the Russian president is the godfather of his daughter. In the culture is very clan that characterized the post-soviet space, the term sub-refers to ties of loyalty and friendship that go beyond this fastener formal.

Describes for years as “the agent of Putin” in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedtchouk is a veteran of the arrangements behind the scenes, secret negotiations on the edge of business and politics. He now intends to defend the great day of his agenda in favour of Russia, precisely at a time when the conflict between Kiev and Moscow became embroiled.

Mr. Medvedtchouk joined during the summer the party Za Jittia (For Life), founded by Vadim Rabinovitch, another figure in the camp of pro-Russian, and hopes to lead it in elections to come. “Counting other parties, which have positions close to ours, we represent potentially 30 % to 35 % of the electorate,” says Mr Medvedtchouk receiving The World, mid-September, in his office, ultra-secure, where the tv is turned on on the channel Rossiya-24. Aware of his unpopularity, Mr. Medvedtchouk, bulging muscles comparable to those of his friend in the Kremlin, does not present himself personally to the presidential election.

The positions defended by his party in contrast with those, very anti-Moscow leaders in the coming election, starting with the outgoing mr poroshenko and the ghost Yulia Tymoshenko : for good relations with Moscow, for the ” peace in the Donbass “, as against…

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