Ottogi has remained ahead of the curve in the vinegar market over the past four decades. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Korean food company continues to come up with innovative products

According to food writer Angela Clutton’s famous book “The Vinegar Cupboard,” vinegar is as old as civilization _ its first traces in Egypt stretch back to around 5,000 years ago.

Since then, vinegar has been regarded as a universal herbal condiment, which is widely used across the world. In particular, many Asian cuisines are based on vinegar.

As far as vinegar products are concerned, South Korean food company Ottogi is second to none in the country where vinegar wins the hearts and minds of people.

Since the late 1970s when Ottogi tapped into the business, the Anyang, Gyeonggi Province-based company came up with a variety of innovative products.

For example, Ottogi is a pioneer in achieving a higher concentration of acetic acid by successfully doubling the acidity to 13~14 percent in 1993 for the first time in Korea and tripled it to 18~19 percent five years later.

The high-strength vinegar, which also can be used as an effective and chemical-free household cleaner, has brought about well-being trends in Korea.

Ottogi also adopted new source materials to add unique flavors and tastes to vinegar. In 2011, it used Korean plums to create a new vinegar brand and later took advantage of brown rice.

Based on such efforts, Ottogi has commanded the lion’s share in the Korean vinegar market over the past four decades. Currently, its market share amounts to around 75 percent.

Thus far, Ottogi has sold about 700 million bottles of vinegar products. Its stable quality and technological edge have underpinned the lasting popularity,” an Ottogi official said.

Instead of artificial seasoning, many consumers opt for vinegar in line with the well-being trends. We will continue to make efforts to meet the rising demand for vinegar.”