Vinfast is likely to even out car fans did not need to say too much, because the history of a Vehicle in the Asian country, has so far only been on CKD / SKD productions and a correspondingly manageable depth of production. Yet so unknown Vinfast in Europe, a good name has made automobile Arm of the mighty Vingroup within the shortest period of time in his home country.

the first major car producer in Vietnam

Vinfast is the first real car maker in Vietnam; a 100-million-inhabitant state, in the 1,000 Vietnamese are currently little more than 20 car. In nearby Thailand, the vehicle density is approximately ten times as large; in the US it is around 35 Times as many vehicles on the road. However, Vietnam has developed well in recent years. The economy numbers up, and the Per capita GDP has accelerated in the past few years to just under seven percent. So it is only a matter of time, when the annual number of new sales in the case of vehicles sharply increases. There are currently only around 300,000 cars per year, will increase the number until the mid-20s tripled.

Vinfast Vinfast Lux SA 2.0

On these still-too-tentative Trend of the Vingroup wants to jump up with over 55,000 Deal. In the year 2017, the Vingroup achieved an annual turnover of 3.9 billion dollars. The group of companies, this year it is 25. The anniversary celebrates, is in Vietnam in the construction and real estate sector leader and also has significant market shares in the areas of education, health, agriculture, tourism and retail. CEO Pham Nhat Vuong does not want to make Vinfast only for the first domestic car producers, but also quickly, in the neighboring Asian countries to export. Subsequent entry into other European markets is not excluded and the first official appearance on the pale automobile salon in Paris underlines the beginning of October that it is not only the home market should be tackled. Want to start the brand with the pithy VF Logo in the radiator grill, already in the middle of next year. Possible the not only a Team should make, that the car industry from the inside out knows, but also concentrated expertise of brands such as General Motors and BMW. A large part of the leadership team comes from the car manufacturer from Detroit.

quality and Timing

of Central importance to James DeLuca, who worked in various positions for almost four decades at General Motors and recently the coordination of the approximately 170 production facilities in 31 countries took care of. The distribution of this young brand lies in the hands of Lê Thanh, who was previously responsible for sales and Marketing at GM in Vietnam. Supplemented the management team of other former GM executives, such as David Lyon (head of design), Shaun Calvert (production) and Kevin Fisher (construction). "Our partnership strategy allows us to be able to two crucial commandments in the vehicle design comply with: quality and Timing," says Kevin Fisher, Vinfast responsible for the construction area, "we will achieve in terms of design and quality are the standards we have set for ourselves to ensure that we reach international Standards in the areas of safety, reliability, elegance and Styling."

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The former GM Team was able to realize the short development time of around two years for the two starting models Vinfast Lux with A 2.0 and Lux SA 2.0, however, only because the German economy grew unusually deep. When looking at Vinfast according to a cooperation partner, in accordance with the requirements of an affordable vehicle platform, was Vice-President Vo Quang Hue for his former employer BMW find. The Bavaria granted to the Vingroup, the license to use the technical platforms of the leak of the BMW X5, as well as of the former 5ers, the first two Vinfast-create models. Within a very short time from the former upper-class model from Dingolfing was the Vietnam To Vinfast Lux with A 2.0. In Spartanburg produced BMW X5 older design was for the Lux SA 2.0. "The high recognition value of the brand, supported by elegant lines and refined Details, is based on several distinctive Highlights", design chief David Lyon, “is the most important Element of this is the "V" Logo on the radiator grille, which is derived from the country name, but also the brand name of Vingroup and VinFast. Together with Pininfarina, we have modeled every single line carefully to give the beauty of Vietnam and the warm-heartedness of its dynamic population with a modern design language of a world-class level of expression." With a length of 4,97 and 4,94 meters, the two Vinfast models real luxury versions in the Vietnamese market. Usually, the street in Vietnam of small, nameless vehicles from Toyota or Ford.

Many German suppliers

For the drive of the two from next summer available Vinfast vehicles provides also an engine from Bavarian development. A two-litre Turbo four-cylinder makes 176 and 231 HP. While the Lux SA 2.0 is either to get with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, an eight-speed automatic in both models. Supplier ZF from the lake is built next to the production plant in the vicinity of the metropolis of Hai Phong in the North of the country, a small local production. Because it is not only BMW brings German genes in the Vietnamese double-pack, but also more than half of the suppliers comes from the German Land and the company, the two Lux models, is also from Germany. The list reads with names such as Dürr, Bosch, Eisenmann, Magna, ABB, Siemens, AVL, EDAG, or Thyssenkrupp from all impressive. The quality of the models that have just the page and the proportions from all Resemblance to their Bavarian ancestor is to be.

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The two Vietnamese luxury models Lux 2.0 Lux SA 2.0 but deliver only the image of a promising start. The Vietnamese want to take in the soon to be completed factory also models how a small, a compact electric model, and an electrically powered minibus produce. For the drive of these models of cooperation with Siemens and Edag – again, well-known partners from Germany. The newly established factory has a capacity of 250,000 vehicles; however, it can be virtually extended. Finally, about a third of the 335.000 square meters large industrial area was reclaimed close to Hai Phong-the sea. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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