Who threw a look on Monday on the Facebook page of Stefan Luitz, saw it as the most recent entry is still the cheers of the image by 3. December. Luitz at the top of the Podium, the second Austrian Marcel Hirscher and the Swiss Thomas Tumler placed on rank three celebrate him. “Thank you to all who have made this possible,” wrote the Allgäuer by the SC bolsterlang then, full of euphoria after the Triumph in the giant slalom of the Beaver Creek – as he was convinced that the first world Cup victory of his career, celebrated.

Meanwhile, the 26 think-Year-old more in resentment to those who could put him on the supposed success of messed up. To the coaches, the officials and the doctors in the German ski Federation, which are partly responsible, that one and a half weeks after his lucky day in Colorado, the success is still in danger. Maybe he is also self-reproach.

The world governing body Fis said in its Swiss Headquarters on lake Thun on Monday, still no decision on whether Luitz of the victory of Beaver Creek, will known at the Green table. At the headquarters of the DSV in the Munich suburb of Planegg crisis prevailed, however, the mood after the embarrassing incident has been debated about the possible consequences. The oxygen-affair also provides to the Association for Trouble.

Hirscher and Tumler to celebrate the winner Luitz

This had happened: at the end of last week, the Fis was leaked anonymously to a photo. The image of Stefan Luitz showed, as he inhaled in the area of 3152 meters high – altitude launch site between the two runs of the giant slalom, through a mask oxygen which is allowed according to the statutes of the world anti doping Agency Wada. In the regulations of the Fis, such a oxygen is prohibited to supply, however, expressly.

Alpine chef Wolfgang Maier said at the weekend that he didn’t at the time “to certify three experts” to question the use of a breathing mask is easily. But the Amateur does not diminish-like behavior of all parties Involved in this matter. Both of said experts, whose ignorance of the rules, the more amazed, because, according to SPIEGEL information to Doctors and health professionals in the services of the DSV, and in some cases even in the medical Committee of the Fis.

behind the questions. also Alpine boss of Maier’s and men’s head coach Matthias Berthold, the two veterans, both of which are since decades in a leading function in the sport of skiing, travel, and the rules already know

Even a professional stranger, a layman, one need only look to the Internet to quickly find. You are looking for the “Fis” and “Anti-Doping”, you can quickly find the crucial information that the administration of oxygen is strictly forbidden.

debate about oxygen: it Increases it at all, the performance?

It may be that, as the doping expert Fritz Sörgel said, oxygen contributes to the increase in performance, but more as a Placebo effect helps the subjective feelings of the athlete. And sure, you can find it also unfortunate that the Wada and the various sports federations of different Anti-Doping-rules and regulations, something is allowed and where not.

But just because the rules are so complex, and the issue is also very delicate, it should belong to the core competence of all those responsible in a national sports Federation, to know the rule exactly, and to have absolute clarity about what is and what is not. Regardless of whether some of the prohibition of exaggerated or useless, whether this increases the performance in fact, and the other is not. It is now written. Nothing else matters.

It is allowed to stand in the course of the DSV, namely, that the error, after all, openly known, and now about the consequences, advises, and possibly also in terms of personnel. But the fact is that the Association has amateurish behavior.

Marcel Hirscher, who by the way, against a disqualification of Luitz, because he is relieved to such an easy victory, said, an Athlete could impossible the 90 pages of the Anti-Doping policies. Yes, why not indeed? It is unreasonable to expect the sport to a lot of learning in order to really? Hardly. Out of your own interest.

In his Facebook entry from Beaver Creek to the long injured Luitz had written, by the way: “I am very happy to be here after many UPS and Downs finally at the very top.” It is to be feared, that even on this great day up on the Podium is a low point.

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