Update: German coach of the Switzerland accident – woman succumbs in hospital of her injuries.

A police spokesman corrected his earlier statement that the accident claimed a man’s life. Officially, the police would be able to, initially, three seriously injured people confirm, one of whom had been very seriously injured. The Bus came from the Region of Cologne.

All the injured have been taken to hospitals salvaged. On Board of the bus, 25 people were according to the police. He corrected the first estimates that 40 were passengers on Board. The Bus should have a number of young people found.

the Bus was on the way to Italy

The Bus in the direction of the South had been making their way to Italy. The owner of the travel company’s have a view of the Swiss news portal ".ch" said: "I don’t even know what exactly happened. So far, I was only informed by a passenger about the accident." It was, according to the "view" a pilgrimage.

According to the police spokesperson, the accident occurred on the A2 motorway in the vicinity of Sigirino, around 20 kilometers to the West of the lake Lago Maggiore. The Bus was hit, according to initial findings of a post with signal systems. The post should have been about two meters in the Bus bored. Google Earth

the state Council would like to thank the helpers

Norman Gobbi, Council of state of the Canton of Ticino, has thanked the helpers. Via short message service Twitter, he thanked all "from first responders to the disaster protection and care team, as well as the caregivers of the injured.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Knowledge can save lives: What you need to do if you are first on the scene of the accident


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