Malaysians buy celebrity friends with stolen billions

Sunday, 14. October, at 07:49: Leonardo DiCaprio or Britney Spears can only welcome and celebrate the Least on your birthday. The Malaysian Jho Low, however, the celebrities were on and off until now. Now came out: Low should have made it easier for with the help of the former Prime Minister of his country, to the national state Fund to the equivalent of approximately € 3.9 billion. The image of &quot";.

With the money to have bought Low, then various celebs for its party "". So Leonardo Di Caprio should have received a several million Euro expensive paintings by Pablo Picasso and Oscar from Marlon Brando. As he did on the 31. Birthday Lows need to rap.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr was even engaged for some time with Low, got jewelry worth several million euros. But the are now gone: The authorities came Low on the ropes, reversed, next to its yacht and private jet are also the gifts to his celebrity"friends". Low is currently in hiding and is wanted by the authorities. On his Website he denies his guilt.

Bushido is not a Radio presenter more

Saturday, 13. October, 14:00 PM: After only two broadcasts, the Radio career of Rapper Bushido. The image of &quot";.

On Monday and Tuesday he was in the Studio of the Berlin radio station 98.8 Kiss FM on Wednesday, he volunteered but already sick. On Friday he filed the notice of termination.

York Strempel, program Director of the station, was full of praise for Bushido. Compared to the "image" he said: "Bushido has made a great Job. He has a voice of great Radio, knows music and is a team player." He did not understand, however, that the early Show fit in hit everyday.

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