Angela Merkel welcomed the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with a kiss and warm words. But most clearly, the good mood between the former adversaries in the private dinner on the sea, to which were invited Tsipras, the Chancellor had showed up. Only a few guests were allowed to participate.

A photo of the Prime Minister published on his Instagram Account, shows him with Merkel on the balcony of the Restaurants in Kastella, Piraeus. Tsipras presents you the spectacular view, before devoted himself to fish and Greek delicacies.

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Υποδέχτηκα απόψε στην #Αθήνα την Καγκελάριο Άνγκελα #Μέρκελ, σε, / < #Ελλάδα διαφορετική απ' αυτή της προηγούμενης επίσκεψής της. Η Ελλάδα εξέρχεται από tn κρίση πιο δυνατή και γίνεται πια μέρος της λύσης για την ΕΕ που αντιμετωπίζει υπαρξιακά ερωτήματα.

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One who was allowed to be at the Meeting between Tsipras and Merkel in Villa Maximos, the official residence of the Greek Prime Minister, was Deputy foreign Minister, Georgios Katrougalos. He told the MIRROR: “your support for our agreement with Skopje was clearly. The message that Merkel gave to us, was that Greece has opened a new Chapter. And that Greece can count on Germany’s support.”

From the point of view of Tsipras’ Cabinet, the visit was a great success. According to the government supporters and the government-friendly press Merkel delivered in all of the major points:

she pronounced the Greek business trust . You acknowledged the waiver, and the Greeks . They endorsed the controversial Deal between Greece and Macedonia : “I’m Tsipras and Zaev grateful,” she said after a Meeting with Tsipras, referring to the Macedonian government leader, Zoran Zaev.

A target but Tsipras misses: Merkel spoke out against Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Chairman of the conservative Nea Dimokratia. The party, like the CDU, the European people’s party. Mitsotakis refuses, the agreement between Greece and Macedonia to recognise.

Both countries are located since many years in the dispute. Greece is because of its homonymous province in the North of the country for almost three decades on the name change. As a means of pressure Athens had blocked any approach of Macedonia to Nato and the EU.

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Merkel meets Mitsotakis shortly before your departure in the residence of the German Ambassador in Athens. You will confirm the benefits of the Macedonia deal from their point of view, but their European party friend not to put pressure on you. In polls of the parliamentary elections in the fall of Mitsotakis is in the front.

The delicate question of the reparation payments

At the present day, Merkel completed a relaxed program. You had Breakfast with prominent Greeks from the world of culture and science, the tomb of the unknown soldier in front of the Parliament building, visited with students of the German school in Athens, taken, and eaten with entrepreneurs lunch.

A point in the disagreement is the question of the reparations from the Second world war.

At a Meeting of Merkel with the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos of these reiterated his demands after that. Merkel said that the Germans were aware of their historical responsibility. “We also know how much we are sorry about Greece, than Germany in the time of national socialism. Therefore, the lesson for us all is to have good relations with Greece and to support each other for the benefit of both, Greece, and Germany,” said Merkel.

The Greek Parliament could already advised in February about the multi-billion dollar reparations claims – assuming the Greek government does not break.

Greek press is divided on the question

Not all parts of Tsipras’ enthusiasm about the Meeting.

“MISTRESS, here is your colony: Merkel appears in Maximos as a conqueror” is the title line of the right of the “Dimokratia”. “Tsipras is a doormat, so that Merkel can trample on him”, writes the liberal daily newspaper “Filelftheros”.

“democracy” on 11. January, 2019

The Pro-Tsipras-the press sees it differently:

“in a Good mood in the Merkel-Tsipras Meeting – equality of the bilateral relations in the new Era,” writes the left “Avgi”, which is regarded as the voice of the Syriza party of Tsipras.

And the citizens?

“What I’ve missed to Merkel’s visit, a sincere apology for all our Suffering. And a promise that it never happens again,” says Giannis Filippou of the MIRROR, after he has read the headlines of Newspapers at a Kiosk in the Athens suburb of Nea Smirni.

the future of the Greek government is uncertain

As always, the visit: Sure is that Tsipras is a political fight for Survival. Coalition partner Panos Kammenos has threatened to leave the coalition because of the Macedonia-agreement burst. He will leave his Post as Minister of defence, with high probability. So Tsipras could lose its majority in Parliament – he needs to be able to on the Macedonia-Deal at the beginning of next week to vote.

once Again, the elections threaten.

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