In the Wake of the civil war have fled in their homeland, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to Germany. In the meantime, have improved the security situation there, but again, said foreign Minister Heiko Maas during a visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. He sees this as a first basis for the return of refugees from Germany. “This is for Baghdad, but also for large parts of this country.”

while There is still work to do. “But I think the security situation is actually so that you can say, it is also the Basis for (…) the fact that people have a perspective, to stay here, but also to get back here,” said Maas.

on Monday, Iraq had called of foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, his Iraqi compatriots after a Meeting with Maas to return. He described the security situation in Iraq as “excellent”.

The IS had 2014 large parts of the country under his control. The counter-offensive last year led to the liberation of the Northern Iraqi metropolis of Mosul. 10. December 2017, the then Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that although the military victory over the IS. Especially in the North of the country around Mosul around IS cells are still active. There it comes again and again to attacks of the terrorist militia.


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