The actor, who plays in the Netflix series “Narcos: Mexico” the role of the Joaquín Guzmán, has experienced the former drug boss in the court process in New York. The Mexicans Alejandro Edda showed up on Monday, surprisingly, to the process. He nodded Guzmán, the “New York Post” according to, whereupon the accused smiled and waved. “He seemed happy,” said guzmán’s lawyer, William Purpura, who had advised his client on the guest in the room.

The encounter had been “intimidating,” said Edda later to journalists. “I came here to study a man who is in some ways a myth, a legend.” He had become nervous, as Guzmán saw him and greeted. Edda met later, guzmán’s wife, as well as its defenders.

Guzmán was “sad”, “in a strange place locked up” and not speak English, said Edda. “But as a Mexican I say, the man must pay for his crimes. Thousands of people have died because of the drug smuggling.”

Guzmán must answer in New York, among other things, for drug-smuggling, arms trafficking and money laundering – and with a life-long prison sentence. According to the indictment, the Mexican Sinaloa is said to have smuggled cartel under his leadership between 1989 and 2014, nearly 155 tons of cocaine and large quantities of other drugs in the United States.

The massive security arrangements accompanied the process against Guzmán had begun at the beginning of November. He is progressing a little faster than expected. The closing arguments are imminent soon. How long the Jury for their verdict, and when, in the case of a conviction of guzmán’s, a sentence announced, it could be, but it is still open

On Monday, Guzman told the court that he would not testify himself in his defense. Had advised him and his attorneys.

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The 61-year-old Guzmán has said several times that he would see his life story as a book or movie retold. The series “Narcos: Mexico” since mid-November when streaming service Netflix is available, and revolves around the drug trade in Mexico. Is currently filming in Mexico city in the second season.

in the year 2015, was published in the series “Narcos” for Netflix, it’s about the drug trade in Colombia drug Baron Pablo Escobar. In the meantime, there are three seasons.


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