US President Donald Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump, met in Iraq with US soldiers. The presidential couple landed in the evening at the air base Al-Asad, according to the news Agency AFP reported. There, the President of the US have visited soldiers and leadership of staff of the army.

It is the first Time since his inauguration two years ago that Trump U.S. troops in a combat zone visits. The trip was not announced in advance. However, trump’s Air Force One was spotted earlier over England, and had triggered speculation about the destination of the President.

trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders announced the visit finally on Twitter. The President and the First Lady had flown in Iraq to US soldiers on the ground “thank you for your commitment, your success and your sacrifice, and to wish you a Merry Christmas,” wrote Sanders a photo attached, the Trump, and his wife shows together with young soldiers.

In the past few months had increased the pressure on Trump, troops in the combat zone to visit. For safety reasons, such trips are announced, never before open to the public. Details about the exact time of his arrival and for the duration of his Visit were not immediately known.

Trump wants to pull troops out of Syria

trump’s visit comes at a time of the utmost turmoil in the U.S. Department of defense. The Pentagon chief James Mattis announced a few days ago, his resignation due to fundamental content legends of disagreements with Trump. The President had announced previously, all US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted. He justified this step by saying that the terrorist organization was defeated by Islamic state (IS) complete. The decision was nationally and internationally criticised. Experts not hold the IS for defeated, and a deduction for fatal.

Also in Afghanistan Trump strength of the troops, apparently, greatly reduce – according to media reports, he wants to deduct one-half of the soldiers there. This decision has also met with much criticism. Trump decided to Iraq for a troop visit in another crisis area.

His Visit also falls into a Phase of other domestic political turmoil. Due to a bitter dispute with the opposition Democrats over the budget and border security to Mexico, the government are at a standstill since the days of transactions in the USA part. Trump threatened, the so-called Shutdown will continue until Congress absegne the financing of the desired wall to Mexico.


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