The Tsunami disaster on the Indonesian Islands of Sumatra and Java and killed at least 168 people. More than 700 people were injured, many are still missing, such as the national civil protection authority announced on Sunday.

The authorities expect the casualty figures continue to rise, because the flood waves broke in the middle of the holiday season on popular tourist beaches.

Especially fatal for a false all-clear to the Indonesian Agency for Geophysics (BMKG), was apparently also. Because there was no strong earthquake had appeased the authorities, first of all, on Twitter the people.


The “Jakarta Post” quoted the message as follows: “The BMKG recorded an earthquake. What happens in Anyer (Banten), was not a Tsunami, but a tidal wave. You remain calm.” Only hours later, noticed that the wave was three feet high and by a volcano eruption was triggered.

The holiday region of Anyer is located approximately 100 kilometres to the West of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Taken of the coast to both sides of the Sundastraße well-known Strait which separates the Islands of Sumatra and Java.

According to the civil protection spokesman Sutopo Nugroho have aggravated the Situation that at the time of the wave of flood prevailed. According to his words, close people were in the Sumatra, belonging to the province of Lumpang on the Northern side of the sea of death as well as in Java province of Banten, which is located to the South of the Sundastraße.

inhabitants of browse close to the beach of Anyer on Java the debris

According to the BMKG, the cause was probably an eruption of the sea close-lying volcano Anak Krakatau, the under water landslide. Thus, the Eruption occurred on Saturday night at 21.03 PM (local time), 24 minutes later, the Tsunami hit the country.

A Norwegian photographer, was observed after the volcanic eruption on Saturday evening from the beach and photographed, wrote on Facebook, he got to see the first wave come. He fled, the water around submerged 15 to 20 meters of the beach. A second shaft had reached the hotel in which he lived with his family. He and his family would have then sought higher ground.

The island state of Indonesia is frequently struck by catastrophic Tsunami waves home. These are usually caused by earthquakes under the sea floor. That they are triggered by volcanic eruptions, and landslides, is rather rare.

In the case of a severe earthquake and a subsequent Tsunami killed more than 2000 people were killed until the end of September on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. In the case of the Tsunami disaster in the Indian ocean on 26. December 2004 a massive earthquake under the sea floor have been killed in the Pacific island nation of more than 120,000 people.


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