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Prior to his visit in Berlin next week, the Premier is located in his headquarters in Kiev. The conversation takes place in Russian. “We have no Problem with the Russian language, but with Russian soldiers in our country”, says Hroisman.

THE TIME: This term is likely to be Angela Merkel’s last. You’re afraid that you a good ally is lost?

Volodymyr Hroisman: What is Angela Merkel of 2014 for Ukraine was done, as the Russian Aggression is stopped, calls forth in us the greatest admiration. We consider you a great friend of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Hroisman

40, for two years, the head of government in Kiev. He is regarded as a Confidant of President Petro Poroshenko.

TIME: now Comes the end to this friendship?

Hroisman: I hope that the relations will continue to be closely and in partnership – and that they are based on values. Ukraine today plays an important role in the defence of democracy in Europe and in the defence of the Aggression, unleashed by Russia, virtually against the whole world. Russia attacked us because we see our future in Europe.

TIME: five years Ago, the so-called Euro-Maidan started. Today we speak with the activists of that time, then they are disappointed and frustrated. Do you understand that?

Hroisman: The challenges five years ago, were unprecedented. We were almost bankrupt, one fifth of the economy, broke away, and the Russian Aggression came from. We stood in front of the collapse, and yet we have become stronger. So many things have changed. Also I wish that it were faster. But that also depends on the political will of those who have Power and decide.

TIME: what do you mean?

Hroisman: Without the Parliament, we can change hardly anything. We are not simply reform, we are building a new state. This is unimaginably difficult! Of the decentralisation on the Reform of the health system, in the energy sector, the management of the state enterprises, the courts to the anti-corruption laws and privatisation. All of these reforms happened at the same time!

TIME: The activists, among them the political opposition or anti-corruption fighters say: since 2017, more than 55 attacks on us, and no one was convicted. We feel not protected.

Hroisman: It is absolutely unacceptable, when state institutions fail, a society to feel safe and secure. Something it must not exist. I am convinced that the state has the greatest interest in, no use of force permit to the activists, and in society. This is also a challenge.

This article dates back to the TIME no 48/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

TIME: Until Recently, the activist Katja Handsiuk died in the attack after a acid.

Hroisman: The police have detained five Suspects. In the event you make your work. It happens to be also Positive. Even three, four years ago we had a Soviet police acted accordingly, and now we have a Ukrainian. We have to make do with the reforms.

TIME: there Are forces that put a brake on these reforms?

Hroisman: Undoubtedly. If you reformierst, then you fight against the old System, against populism, against the inefficiency.

TIME: Against the oligarchs?

Hroisman: against, but even more so against the monopolies. This is no walk in the Park.

TIME: Fight sometimes against President Petro Poroshenko?

Hroisman: Oh, no, there is no fight.

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