As Angela Merkel makes the just? She studied the files, reads Newspapers, and preparing Talk, while you will be driven to the next appointment. So, to me, is pretty fast, bad as me Mikael Hillgren in the new Volvo S90L Excellence through Gothenburg, chauffeured, and I’m trying to make notes.

Mikael and his way of driving is. The big Swede is a professional Chauffeur and has otherwise passengers as Volvo chief Håkan Samuelsson, or Bruce Springsteen in the back seat. It is up to me. Since my Childhood, I’m reluctant to back.

But the Volvo S90L Excellence is to drive a car yourself. In comparison to the normal S90 to twelve inches extended, the car is intended as a chauffeur-driven limousine. In advance, I had read a lot about the long Volvo.

As the speech: a driver’s seat of a three seater in the front and two individual seats in the rear. Instead of a passenger seat full of legroom and an unobstructed view to the front. At the bottom is a Cabinet that can stow in his shoes, in addition to a fold-out flat screen and the keyboard.

In this Volvo there is, however, neither the Monitor nor a Shoe closet, a standard passenger seat and two single seats in the back. Mikael explains to me: I sit in the European long-wheelbase version of the S90 (EUR 108,000), the more luxurious variant with three Seats is only available in China.

For China, Volvo has been building longer length versions of

After all, there is the back button to go to the front passenger seat so far forward that I can stretch my legs completely, but at least on top of each other can beat, and not hit the seat in front of you. I set the temperature to 22 degrees and activate the seat massage function on mine with nappa leather-based single.

Silent, the car glides through the morning rush-hour traffic. In Asia, you can choose between different engines, in Europe, there is the Volvo S90L Excellence solely in connection with the Plug-in hybrid drive T8; makes 390 HP and can travel up to 47 kilometres in purely electric mode.

Our journey leads out of the city, past the “Sjömanstornet”, a sailor’s wife, the memory of the victims of the First world war on a tower and on the sea, up to the Stigberget to the brick Church Masthuggskyrkan. Mikael opens my door. The city, the harbour, the mouth of the Göta älv, the sea – all of this lies at my feet.

A Horde of Chinese tourists coming out of the Church. A man veers off from the group, walking around slowly to the Volvo and look at everything carefully: the Excellence Logo in the Form of a small crown at the rear, the Full LED headlights and 20-inch wheels.

versions are During Long in our rarely, you belong in China. Luxury sedans such as the BMW 7 series, Audi A8 or the Mercedes S-class will be sold in the far East almost exclusively with extra Length. Those who have money, to drive.

Meanwhile, even cars in the middle and compact class as the XL in China-variants offered: the BMW 5 series and the Audi A6 made in Germany just under the Five-Meter mark, running the same sedans, Audi in Changchun and BMW in Shenyang, with a longer wheelbase and larger doors in the rear from the Band.

Mercedes has ignored the Trend for a long time now but in addition to an extended E-class is also an extended C-class, and even a longer A-class sedan. Volvo already had a Maxi version of the S80 in the offer, the predecessor of the S90.

The driver raves about the good Seats

Even before that, there was already a stretched Volvo, but it was rebuilt not in the case of Volvo itself, but in the case of Bertone in Turin. To customers, among other things, the state was one of leadership of the GDR. Erich Honecker was only 70 centimeters extended Volvo 264 TE (Top Executive) to drive, from 1982, in a Volvo 760 GLE, the Swedish coachbuilder Nilsson is pulled in the length.

Instead of socialist conservatism makes the S90L Excellence Nordic elegance and functionality. From the console between the two rear Seats and small tables fold down, and where in other cars the armrest is hidden, there is a refrigerator with two crystal glasses from the Swedish manufacturer Orrefors.

What he treasures because, in the car, I want to know from Mikael. The seats, he says, were for him as a driver is extremely important. In the S90 you not to be too hard and not too soft and provide good lateral support.

Then he praises the powerful engine, the harmonious eight-speed automatic transmission and adaptive air suspension with electronic shock absorber control. He love it, if the Volvo switch automatically in electric mode and silently through the city glide.

The smart Parking assist system and the electronic driver’s assistant, with the semi-Autonomous Driving up to 130 km/h is possible, do not mention it. That maybe his chauffeur’s honor.

The trip to Gothenburg was supported by Volvo. Our Standards of transparency and journalistic independence, see

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