exactly five years Ago, on the Morning of the 29. In December 2013, crashed Michael Schumacher while skiing in the French Alps so unhappy on the head, his Manager Sabine Kehm still in the afternoon forced a laconic message saw: “He was taken to the hospital and received medical care in a professional manner.”

this has not changed even today, five years after the accident, hardly anything. Still Schumacher is being cared for medically, professionally, at home, on the lake of Geneva. Still getting notices from the narrower circle of the family are described as “laconic” is still exaggerated.

In an interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, said Sabine Kehm, the rigorous information policy as: “Every sentence is the trigger for new Requests, each word is a beacon for more Information. It would never rest.”

for this reason, it is, as the most successful racer of all times would be simply fell out of the world.

accident-Piste near Meribel in France

And can not accept the world of course. Because the world can be quite mad. With “world” less and the audience is meant to be. People react, how people react, with worry or malice, both of which should be shrunk, in the best interest of the family, for the past five years unchanged, the Status Quo is more of a mild interest.

Guide to Michael Schumacher currently against Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg to the formula-1 world champion title, the media interest in his Person could hardly be greater. Because it’s not about Sport, but about the myth. If you fly high, must come down. If necessary, the specialised media to help.

Who wants to escape the machinery

Comparable to heroes such as Boris Becker or Jan Ullrich could sing a song; it would probably be immediately streamed live. Becker, like Ullrich have done in your field and to your time Superhuman, by the way, always “for Germany” – and to be asked since for every human flaw three times to the cashier.


Who wants to escape the tentacles of this machinery, must double to end the career of his sports discipline. And for safety’s sake, a whole ocean and several time zones between himself and the “interested Public”. Otherwise it is not. But that’s the way it can work, as the example of Steffi Graf.

privacy is possible. You want to be rode hard like a victory on the grass of Wimbledon, or on the Marina Bay Street Circuit of Singapore. Michael Schumacher knew this, he told it in 2009 in a TV Interview. He spoke of “the privacy that you lose this Status.” He conquered you.

racing driver Schumacher in 2006

He had invited Johannes B. Kerner on his property, but not into the house. During the interview, the breath cold riding stables Kerner asked where Schumacher, 40, see in ten years. The answered with a question. If the Moderator could look so far ahead? He: “of course, I am planning for the future, but is rather recognized in the short term.”

Schumacher is gone – but not gone

Now, Germany is not a tennis country, and no cyclists in the country. It is the country of motorists. The demigod didn’t come in a hairpin curve about life. He stumbled over drugs or bad business. But a stone on the slopes. Not a tragic fate, but a stupid accident took him out of the race. Now he is gone and yet not gone. Like, although his myth is still alive. Weak, though he is not become smaller. An Anomaly.

that is Why the case of Michael Schumacher for the appropriate media, such as an itching that does not want to end up in five years. Right at the beginning of the reporters tried to get under a false identity for access to the clinic. A file of the patient was taken, a picture of the shattered sun for astronomical sums for sale. It’s lawyers were turned on, and prosecutors active. It came to processes, and Judgments. And again the Big Nothing that surrounds the convalescent is good enough for a title history.

the media throng during a press conference of Schumacher’s Doctors at the 30. December 2013

in 2017, had to pay the “Colorful” part of the “Christmas miracle”-process, a high compensation. They had claimed: “He can go back”, and urged that, by the way, the family a denial. 50,000 euros, so you can be sure that Schumacher can’t go back, so do not about – this is also a theory – is secretly already fit again and having the last laughs.

Also it would be nobody’s business. That’s Hard to understand in a world in which even the largest Zero is the most Private out of the trumpets voluntary. And yet it is so. There are always things that are nobody’s business.

The press dieselt more

The press not care the dieselt. Who manages the assets? How is it Corinna? Can’t deny the daughter is great, and the son driving a fast car? What items are actually on Instagram? Well, well, well.

In normal operation, the press is reliant on “close friends” as the sports official Jean Todt or – in a particularly bizarre – Archbishop Georg Gänswein. The told the other day, Frank of the “Colorful”, like Schumacher looks like currently and what is the temperature of his hands. If the diagnoses are not medical remote says sure, Sebastian Vettel, something Respectful. Or is lying just something either scandalous or comforting.

The chronology of the Case, Schumacher Michael Schumacher, The fall that changed everything

the most Recent example is an ugly mosquito, which can bloat in time for the anniversary of the disaster, a still uglier elephants, the message of the helmet camera that Schumacher should have worn this Morning, five years ago. Because Corinna Schumacher was given back the device after the completion of the investigations, “has” now “the Video from the helmet camera”.

Whether you deleted it? No one knows.
If you look at it every night? Also no one knows.

And more? Where can I click on it to see it? Nowhere? Respect for a family that makes such a cruelty to pass without comment. You are doing a Superhuman. Because there will never be peace.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.