The Dutchman Bram Schot occurs permanently in the footsteps of the diesel affair with former Audi boss Rupert Stadler. The Supervisory Board of the VW subsidiary, called the 57-Year-old on Wednesday from 1. February 2019 Chairman of the Board. Schot will assume the duties of Stadler in the Volkswagen group in Wolfsburg. Audi Schot continues his previous management Board division for sales and Marketing Commissioner.

“Bram Schot takes over as Chairman of the Board of Audi, is an important task in the group,” said Volkswagen chief, Herbert Diess, the head of the Supervisory Board of Audi. Sheet will with his years of experience to the Premium standards of Audi and the brand with the claim ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ successfully in the future. The brand with the four rings is struggling with the aftermath of the diesel scandal, as well as with home-made problems, the once spoiled by success manufacturers behind the competitors Daimler and BMW have.

Endless stalemate

it Originally had the Audi Supervisory Board Sheet already want at the end of November to raise shield, postponed the decision of an Insider, but because of some formalities. Sheet was moved in June, Commissioner to the Audi-to-peak, shortly after Stadler had been taken due to suspicion of fraud in the diesel affair in prison. At the end of October, Stadler came after four months on bail from custody.

Actually, Schot should make after a transitional period, the chair for Markus Duesmann that comes from BMW, and as the candidate of choice for the Audi-to-peak. But Munich didn’t live up to their former purchasing Director. Volkswagen had appointed Duesmann in the summer in the group’s Executive Board, but must wait until this is available. The engineer is expected that the development of clean diesel engines drive and Audi’s Legacy in the exhaust gas amounted to eliminate. When and whether at all – this is going to be, but in the stars, since BMW insists on compliance with its up to 2019 current contract. After a one-year non-competition clause. The lower Saxony do not agree with the Bavarians, would be Duesmann bound so until 2020. According to insiders BMW wants to exploit the period of time. Perhaps Volkswagen needs to find a different use for the 49-Year-olds. to not keep

in order To ease the Sheet to be longer in transition mode, he received a regular contract as the chief Executive officer. The duration of the contract not mentioned, the Ingolstadt-based company. Typically, Board members will receive three-year contracts.


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