The Deutsche Bahn wants to bring a new offer to the trade unions movement in the difficult collective bargaining negotiations. What concessions it contains, remained on Wednesday, but is not open. Disputed is still, how high is the for the approximately 160,000 in the toe-organized workers demanded wage increase fails. The toe had called the warning strike on Monday, the put the operation of trains in many Parts of Germany to a standstill.

in Contrast, the GDL strikes from the castle, in turn, to the end of the year. Other than the toe would have to, according to an agreement with the train drivers ‘ Union go in any case only in an arbitration, and could only be access after the end of their members, the right to stop work.

Meanwhile, the railway has submitted a new offer, that is, in the words of chief of staff Martin Seiler attractive enough that the GDL takes up the thread of the conversation again. GDL-boss Claus Weselsky had said the negotiations on Wednesday morning, although it failed, at the same time, however, it is apparent that he would be willing to negotiate, should provide the railway with an improved offer. The train drivers ‘ Union represents around 36,000 Employees of the train Crew, including drivers, conductors and on-Board caterers and calls, as well as the EVG 7.5 per cent more content.

The railway had offered a salary increase in two levels: 2.5 percent, to 1. March 2019, with a further 2.6 per cent to 1. January 2020, for a contract period of 29 months. For the months of October 2018 until February 2019, with a one-off payment of 500 euros should be added.


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