It is a sport that has been rather the opportunity to admire in the spots that paradise of warm seas of the globe. But it was without counting on Nikita Martyanov. Prodigy of the wakeboarding world, the Russian has set itself the goal to push the boundaries of his sport by browsing through the territories of the most hostile on the planet. And it was served in Greenland, during a session in waters between 0 and 3 °C. A beautiful environment, but difficult to tame both by the high salt content of the water by the projections of ice in the face. In the context of an advertisement for the brand Red Bull, the native of St.-Petersburg has slalomé and chained figures, between the mountains of ice in the arctic circle. He has also toured some of the surfaces of iceberg the most difficult in the region.

going Back on his shooting conditions, Nikita Martyanov explains that he has obviously had to deal with the new characteristics for him. “The water was at zero degrees, and even colder still at some places,” he points out. “It was also very dense and very salty, and I had the impression that it would stick to the board. So yes, it was complicated. “

Nikita Martyanov, the ace of the slides

The passion of Nikita Martyanov to the slips has not waned, but his ground game has evolved over time. At the age of nine years, the Russian practice of snowboarding and skateboarding. Every day after school, he takes his board and heads to the ski resort closest to train with friends. But an injury that compromises his promising progress. He then decided to focus on water sports, full-time and embarks on the wakeboard.

In 2003, Nikita participates in its first international competition in London and won. After this performance, the prodigious Russian wins bronze medal at World Championship Wake, thus consolidating its place among the best of the scene of wakeboarding international. In 2013, he participated in the Red Bull Ice Wake in Russia and at the Red Bull Highland in Kazakhstan. More recently, he has contributed to Life is Line, a series of videos dedicated to the evolution of the wakeboard. Nikita has also created his own school and is focused on pass on his skills.

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