With the Democrats scolds Donald Trump about money for his wall-maps at the border with Mexico. Now, the US President campaigned again in an unusual way for his politics – with a picture in the style of the successful series “Game of Thrones”.

“THE WALL IS COMING,” wrote Trump in the online network Instagram. Under his portrait is the lettering, with the series title inspired double bar barrier through the “O”, including a picture of Trump’s planned Border emblazoned on the image.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on Jan 3, 2019 at 1:41 PM PST

The original quote is in the series: “Winter is coming”. Trump uses online media as well as allusions to movies and TV shows again and again, to apply its policies or measures to announce.

he availed himself also of already “GoT”-quote: In November, he published a photo in the style of a movie poster with the announcement that “The sanctions”. Were meant in order for new sanctions against Iran in the nuclear conflict. The HBO “Game of Thrones” broadcasts, was not very enthusiastic about that. In social networks there was plenty of criticism of Trump.

budget freeze, paralyze the country

The wall-plans of the President’s columns in the USA and have a fierce struggle for the budget of the United States. Currently, the United States will lock in a household is paralyzed, which met before Christmas in the force, because the government and the Parliament not on a budget. The Central question of the financing of the Trump proposed wall on the border to Mexico. The Democrats and even some Republicans are opposed to a wall.

The U.S. house of representatives voted in now, with its new democratic majority, for an end to the budget freeze. Two of the Democrats on Thursday submitted drafts were adopted by the Congress chamber. To enter into force, they would have to happen, however, not yet the Republican-dominated Senate. This had already made it clear that they would not even vote on the measures. Even Trump himself had given the law already in advance a refusal, because it includes no money for the wall on the border to Mexico.


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