Strong US labour market data, coupled with reassuring statements from the fed Chairman Jerome Powell, as well as a new hope in the trade dispute with China, a recovery rally to the US have triggered exchanges. The Dow Jones Industrial to put the end of the week, ultimately, to 3.29 per cent to 23 433,16 points.

So he made his Minus from Thursday. On the day before a sales warning from Apple and surprisingly weak sentiment data from the US industry had pushed the Dow up 2.8 per cent down. Thanks to the rich recreation a week plus of 1.6 percent to beech.

The other US stock market indices rose on Friday: The market breadth the S&P 500 climbed to 3.43 per cent, on 2531,94 counter, and the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 gained 4,48 percent to 6422,67 points.

Chinese Central Bank wants to lower capital requirements

The price explosion was equal to support from several sides: To the beginning of the week, the first direct negotiations between China and the United States to run for U.S. President Donald Trump at the beginning of December, the agreement of a mutual “cease-fire” in the customs dispute.

According to an announcement from China is expected on Monday a U.S. Delegation to two days of talks. In addition, it came to the world’s stock markets, the Chinese Central Bank wants to lower the capital requirements for the banks in the country again.

Higher unemployment rate

From the USA were also reported surprisingly robust labour market data for December, while Fed Chairman Powell stressed at the same time, “carefully to Concerns in the financial markets, hear” to want. He highlighted the willingness “to change, if necessary, the balance sheet policy”, which Concerns about a too rapid tightening of monetary policy the Wind out of the sails.

In December, the hourly wages were increased compared to the previous month and also the increase had continued. Although the unemployment rate increased, but this should not be overstated, as Patrick Boldt of Helaba, said:””.


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