The German Red cross looks to the Federal Republic of inadequately equipped for a major disaster such as through severe storms or cyber attacks. “At the national crisis management we have significant deficits,” said DRC President Gerda Hasselfeldt of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”.

Hasselfeldt called for a concept of the Red cross and other relief organizations to better prepare for emergencies. “It provides a Federal provision of food, beds and medicines at ten different locations in Germany.”

This concept had been examined by the Federal government picked up, said Hasselfeldt, but the Ministry was provided in the budget of 2019, the indoor no money for it. “This must change by 2020,” said the former Bundestag Vice-President and the CSU politician.

DRC-President Gerda Hasselfeldt

the World had increased with the extreme weather conditions. The DRC-Boss therefore called on the Germans to arm yourself. “It is necessary to focus on disasters such as severe weather, and pandemics or cyber attacks on our electricity and water supply to prepare.”


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