travellers who have planned a flight on Tuesday from an airport in Germany, should better reschedule: At eight German Airports, the trade unions Ver.di and DBB the security personnel to go on strike is called. For passengers, this means that controls outside of the transit areas are not occupied and you can’t reach your connection. A minimum of 220,000 travelers could be affected, estimates of the airport Association ADV.

the Frankfurt international airport will be according to current planning, about every third flight – here will be from 2 to 20 clock strike. According to the operator, Fraport, the airlines have at the largest German Airport, a total of approximately 470 and departures deleted. Were planned to the day, a Fraport spokesman, 1200 aircraft movements, with around 135,000 passengers at the airport. Fraport, had called for passengers at an early stage, if possible, make other arrangements. A particularly early arrival would bring nothing: The passenger checks in Frankfurt are usually open until about two hours before the 5 o’clock in the morning, the end of the night-flight ban. At the airport, Leipzig/Halle , the strike will affect the time between 4 and 18 clock . Dresden : Here is to strike the staff of 3 to 21 PM and Erfurt of 6 to 22 PM . At the airport Hannover-Langenhagen and Bremen called Ver.di approximately 700 Employees of the security personnel on a 24-hour warning Strikes, which will begin on Tuesday 0 PM . A one-day walkout in Hamburg to begin in the night from Monday to Tuesday midnight . In Munich 350 employees of 3.30 PM > in the Early in the evening, called for work stoppages.

Ver.di calls for the inspectors and for the airport employees, a nationwide unified payment of 20 euros per hour. That would be a Plus in the high two-digit percentage range – at the moment, payment is depending on the Region and activity. The employers think that is unrealistic, they provide, according to its own representation, a Plus of up to 6.4 per cent. Four existing collective bargaining remained the rounds were inconclusive. Both sides want the 23. January continue to negotiate.

on Thursday had been cancelled due to the warning Strikes of security personnel at the three airports of Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, more than 600 flights. Tens of thousands of passengers were affected. On Monday, the security personnel had been placed at the two Berlin airports.

employer: strikes are only a last resort

condemned The Confederation of German employers ‘ associations (BDA) has the Strikes to the airports as “completely disproportionate”. Ver.di a-in closets “, with the full intention of the mobility of tens of thousands of national and international passengers and freight traffic”, said BDA chief Executive, Steffen Kampeter. Ver.di causing “massive damage to our economy”.

as to the validity of collective agreements, work stoppages should be predictable, said Kampeter. “These so-called warning Strikes to underline Once again that we need a legal framework for the workers’ struggle.” Course work should remain the fighting permitted, said BDA chief Executive. They are socially and economically highly undesirable and should therefore always be only the last resort of dispute.

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The re-strike have to have to know the call had become necessary because of the Federal Association of the aviation security company (BDLS) responded to the previous warning Strikes are not “negotiable offer”, had Ver.di-negotiator, Benjamin Roscher said before. DBB-negotiators Volker Geyer commented: “The employers with their blockade attitude, unfortunately, no other choice.”


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