consumers across the EU have in the online the same rights as in the stationary trade, purchase in the future.

negotiators of the European Parliament, the EU member States and the EU Commission agreed on Tuesday on new rules that will make both customers and dealers – especially in the case of cross – border purchases easier. For the first time, consumers have consistent rights when buying digital content, such as downloading or Streaming, and music on the Internet.

The new rules, inter alia, that retailers provide for non-functional products, either for an equivalent replacement, repair, or return the money. This right allows the consumer for at least two years.

In the case of digital content which is not functioning, have the provider first of all, the Chance to solve the Problem before the contract can be dissolved. Items with a digital component – a smart fridge or a television, for example – must be brought in a “reasonable period” up to date. To ensure the safety of the devices.

The agreement reached on Tuesday has yet to be formally confirmed by the Parliament and the EU member States, before they should come a few weeks later.

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