The military attaché of Venezuela in Washington, José Luis Silva, not to recognise Nicolás Maduro as the legitimate Venezuelan head of state. He would call on his “brothers” in the military, to support the President of Parliament and leader of the opposition, Juan Guaidó as interim head of state, said Silva, the AFP news Agency. This attitude was “not in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Venezuela”.

Meanwhile, international pressure on the government in Caracas is growing. The Federal government is considering Guaidó as interim President of the country, should it come immediately to free elections in Venezuela. The USA have recognized on Wednesday Guaidó immediately.

following this, President Nicolás Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with Washington and put the American diplomats first of all, a deadline to leave the country. The remaining US diplomats, however, can remain in the Embassy in Caracas. The two countries negotiated about the establishment of interest groups in the respective capitals, which might, for example, offer consular services, told the Venezuelan foreign Ministry.


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