Hardly a nation that separates its garbage as busy as the Germans. It comes to the Collecting of household waste, Germany is in almost every statistics of the top places.

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The sorting of Trash has taught us, the former environmental Minister Klaus Töpfer after the turn. The packaging, by law, the company, and their packaging with the use of the Dual system over the yellow tons of collect.

Henning Wilts, the German recycling system still failed. Wilts waste expert at the Wuppertal Institute for climate, environment and energy, and for the area of a circular economy. The failure shows itself nowhere more clearly than in the plastic. In the first stage of a long recycling process, the Collect, the German very well, says Wilts. “After that, the abyss.” The MIRROR reported in its latest issue.

The Federal government currently assumes that the ratio of recycled plastics is located at 39 per cent. The Wilts considers to be a “fiction”. A few months ago, the Greens have criticized the basis for the calculation and the languages of the “fake rates”. You expect a non-recyclable composite materials and exports, would you at just 17.3 percent.

A world-wide waste tracking system could help

According to the Wilts, this number still seems too high. The expert makes a different statement: Of the 14 million tons of new plastic, which is processed in 2017 in Germany, returned at the end of only 0.8 million tons are actually recycled. The Rest was burned in power plants, exported, or migrated as a substitute fuel in the cement industry. And in the first half of 2018 export, the Germans were alone for 84,000 tonnes of Plastic scrap to Malaysia.

Sets the initial amount of a good 14 million tonnes, as a proportion of the 800,000 tonnes of used material, the flow in the plastic production, a heavy recycling rate of only 5.6 percent.

As a consequence, Wilts calls to enforce the use of recycled Material in plastic production””. Either through tax incentives for companies or legal minimum quota for the use of previously recycled materials in new products. At the same time, the subsidization of the plastic production had to be completed: Absurdly crude oil is tax-free, if it is processed to plastic.

companies would have to be made also for the pollution of the environment. “For a empty bottle on the beach of Myanmar, I must be able to send them an invoice,” says Wilts. A manufacturer’s assignment was technically already possible. This fluorescence codes are used, which are integrated in the plastic material, and scanners, can be read out.

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