The US armed forces in Syria wants to get back to the US President, Donald Trump quickly. The operation against the jihadist militia Islamic state (IS) to tilt to an end, a justified representative of the U.S. government the plans.

“We have begun to bring American soldiers home,” said the spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders,. It would be passed into “the next Phase of this deployment.” The opinion did not indicate, however, whether and when the United States withdraw all troops.

Donald Trump himself said on Twitter just: “We have defeated the ‘Islamic state’ in Syria, to be my only reason, during my presidency there.” On the specific deduction, he spoke so only indirectly. Back in April, Trump had announced to want the troops out of Syria “as quickly as possible, to” pull it off.

The United States currently have stationed around 2000 soldiers in Syria, officially as a consultant and trainer of the Syrian opposition forces. A deduction is expected to meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ankara wants to increase the Turkish influence in the North-East of Syria. Only last week, Erdogan announced, “to intervene in a few days”in northeast Syria militarily. The Turkish President urges Trump for a Long time, the cooperation with the Kurds to give up – and Trump was on the phone last week with Erdogan.

Donald Trump have decided to prepare the trigger and the Ministry of defence instructed to do so, according to the broadcaster CNN, citing sources in the Pentagon. Allies in the Region were set according to the “Wall Street Journal” about the plans already.

Donald Trump

officials in the Pentagon to try to Trump to change his mind. A withdrawal would betray the Kurdish allies, who have fought on the side of the Americans against the IS, reported the New York Times, citing sources in the U.S. Department of defense.

influential Republican senators rich warn against a rapid withdrawal of troops. “The withdrawal of the small American force in Syria would be a great Obama-moderate error”, tweeted about Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina in the U.S. Senate represents. Such a step is a great success for the IS, Iran, Bashar al-Assad and Russia would be. Also Marco Rubio, Republican from Florida, called trump’s withdrawal plan as a “serious mistake” that would have consequences that went far beyond the fight against the IS.


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