In Bavaria, have children free of snow, in Austria, the fear of avalanches is growing: The snow situation in the Alps is, according to experts, always dramatic.

Until Thursday, will be added in the high mountains, probably another metre of snow. At lower elevations, 30 to 80 centimeters in Austria, said a spokesman for the Central Institute for meteorology and geodynamics (ZAMG). “The danger that trees lines due to the weight of the snow and the storm on roads, electricity and railway lines, falls, rises from day to day.”

The situation in Bavaria

Also in Bavaria there was in the railway traffic delays and single cancellations. The Bayerische oberlandbahn could not go on Monday to the South of Holzkirchen, due to snow on tracks and Turnouts. In the counties of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen and Miesbach of the school is to Friday to all state schools. The Landratsamt Miesbach cried because of the snow, the case of a disaster.

“The next severe weather warning for the edge of the Alps before,” said a spokesman of the German weather service. The forecasters expect heavy snow, especially in the South of Bavaria. In addition , he is expected to be in the black forest , in the ore mountains and Bavarian forest .

In the upper Bavarian district of Miesbach district administrator Wolfgang Rzehak (Green) called the case of a disaster, all schools will stay until the end of the week closed. In addition, the County of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen until the end of the week, all government schools in the castle. In the tourist districts in the Bavarian Oberland, which is also the Tegernsee, in the meantime, blocked a number of roads.

The situation in Austria

The authorities in Tyrol prepare it on the highest avalanche warning level. There, the snow is already three feet high. The country had different scenarios in the view and make the appropriate Preparedness, said Governor Günther Platter. Several helicopters were on standby. The same is true for the special forces of the Alpine soldiers, who are specialised in the shed search. The buildings for the protection of the places and roads from avalanches are also grown such amounts of snow, so the people in charge.

Until Thursday are expected to be in the Tyrol, between 50 and 120 centimeters of snow. “This aggravated the avalanche situation immensely,” said the head of the avalanche alerting the state of Tyrol, Rudi Mair.


authorities have appealed to skiers to leave the secured ski slopes. In General, you should avoid unnecessary car trips. Also Entering the forests and in view of the danger of trees falling is not advisable. Homeowners were called to free the roofs, the snow load. The and was departure to major ski resorts but despite the weather with the winter equipment to deal with most good.

In Austria, was closed a smaller ski area in the Eastern Alps complete. The eight lifts at the Hochkar were discontinued because the access road was closed due to avalanche danger. In the face of three feet of snow the lift operator tried to comfort himself: “The snow will be after the re-opening of the road is still there,” said Ines Enöckl from the Hochkar-Marketing.

Dead and Buried

since Saturday, missing the snow Shoe hikers were recovered on Monday dead. The 23-year-old hunter and the 28-year-old hunter, were discovered under an Avalanche in the Austrian countryside. The Couple wanted to control the area of the facilities and the feeding of the deer populate. 40 mountain rescuers broke on Monday in lower Austria, the search for two missing hikers for the time being. A 35-year-old Slovenian died on Sunday in the ski resort of Zauchensee, when he fell off the ski slope in a Meter-deep snow. He could only be recovered dead. Miesbach is a 44-year-old man had been killed on Sunday in the area of Blomberg on the ascent with touring skis from under the snow load of chipped tree tops. The police announced on Monday that the incident was “very tragic”, the dead attest to no wrongdoing. On Sunday, two German skiers died in the Austrian Voralberg. A 32-Year-old was captured in the ski resort of Damüls and off the secured slopes of an avalanche and could not be recovered despite of an emergency remote emergency call of his companion, only dead, APA reported. In the middle Schoppernau also away from the slopes, driving 26 years, died of old German. On Saturday died in upper Bavaria a woman as she was recorded during a tour of an avalanche. Happiness is a skier who has been away from the slopes, recorded also on Sunday at the Brauneck of an avalanche, however, had. The 31-year-old man had been buried in one Meter deep for about 20 minutes, but was nevertheless recovered unharmed. Without avalanche equipment drive at the end of man is to locate was because a ski tip protruded a small piece of the avalanche. In the Supreme Irish community Pölstal around 20 people because of blocked roads, according to the APA cannot be reached.

From the massive amounts of snow also singer DJ Ötzi (“Anton from Tirol is affected”). The 48-had to Year move, its the start of the Tour. The for Tuesday’s scheduled opening concert of its “summit tour” on a ski Chalet in Saalbach-Hinterglemm could because of the avalanche danger and blocked roads, not access to take place, informed his Management on Monday. “Of course I’m very sad that I have to disappoint my Fans, but it would be irresponsible to make under these circumstances, the Show. Safety comes first,” said Gerry Friedle alias DJ Ötzi.

new snow in Switzerland, the sunshine in South Tyrol

Also in the so far from the winter chaos largely spared Switzerland the Situation is likely to be more difficult. The weather service, meteonews expected by the end of the week about a Meter of snow, especially in the Eastern and Central Switzerland.

South of the Alps is the Winter, however, is rather tame. In South Tyrol in the extreme North of avalanche danger level 3 (out of 5) was on the Monday after the snow. In the South of the Region, Mr hair dryer and sunshine prevailed.

Meanwhile, a number of tourists were in the snowy areas of the country face significant problems upon arrival in your Hotel. Travelers are as a rule dependent on the goodwill of the hotelier or landlord, if you are not able to reach your accommodation as a result of the heavy snowfall, or leave. But there are special rules, for example, if the skiing holiday was booked at a tour operator.


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