the avalanche danger is what makes the people in the snow areas, to create of upper Bavaria. The 266 inhabitants of the poor Inger hamlet Raiten can stay at least until Friday, not in their homes, and must in the case of families and friends, as the Landratsamt Traunstein said. An emergency shelter at the fire station in the neighbouring village of Unterwössen is set up since Wednesday, so far they have used but no one.

Above Raiten from the South side of the nearly 1,600-Meter-high high-plate has developed into the snow masses, a dangerous situation. “If the solves, this may be a dust avalanche, with up to 400 kilometers per hour,” said a spokeswoman for the district administrative office. The danger is not averted.

farmers from Raiten brought at your own risk 80 cattle, five goats, a sheep, a horse and a rabbit out of the danger zone, because they wanted to leave the animals without care.

“The ski resort is not accessible”

helicopter crews of the German armed forces had observed from the air that the snow had reduced to the Hang – acute hazard. Therefore, the entire place had been cleared on Wednesday. Ten years ago, was disposed of on the site of an avalanche, but about 150 meters in front of the houses came to a halt.

In the district of Traunstein, since a week of the disaster, as well as in Parts of the Berchtesgadener Land district and in the district of Miesbach. Several roads were closed in the areas. Part of the avalanche prevailed danger.

In the case of Bayrischzell, in the district of Miesbach an avalanche buried the entrance to the ski area Sudelfeld. “The ski area is not accessible,” said a spokeswoman for the mountain-railway network of Alps Plus belongs to the Sudelfeld.

Hardly any new snow expected

Overall, the avalanche decreases the risk in the meantime. It was above the tree line, a significant danger with the warning level three out of five, below the forest limit, the risk fell to two.

The German weather service (DWD) reported that large amounts of snow from Friday to be in sight. The High “Brigida” bring to the weekend, quiet, but cold weather in Germany.

temperatures are expected in one to four degrees on Friday, on Saturday it’ll be cold in the South even up to minus two degrees. It’ll be on Saturday mostly Sunny.


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