After the heavy snowfalls in Bavaria, the last of the affected Region has lifted at the weekend the case of a disaster. The district administrator of the district Berchtesgadener Land, Georg Grabner, and explained the exceptional situation ended.

During the ten-day disaster if around 12,000 forces from the district and the whole of Bavaria had been in use, it said. The helpers would be exempt during this period, around 1600 roofs, especially of private homes of the masses of Snow to prevent collapses. In the event of a disaster had been declared in the beginning of January due to the extreme snowfall in five Bavarian counties.

maximum values for three degrees

Major snow of the German weather service is not expected for the next few days. However, it will stay at the beginning of the week, frosty, informed the meteorologists on Sunday. On Monday, the temperatures reach maximum values of three degrees on the coasts and minus three degrees in the South and the higher elevations. In many places, the sun should appear.

on Tuesday night it can snow in Western Pomerania, otherwise it will remain largely dry. The temperatures drop down to minus ten degrees in the mountains and zero degrees on the coasts, before they increase to values between zero and three degrees during the day.

a clear view of the moon

in the course of the day, it remains mostly dry. Only towards the evening, snowfall is in the West. On Wednesday clouds over the South and middle of Germany, but only a chance of snow. For the coming weeks, the forecasters expect the Siberian cold.

For moon-gazers forecast of the DWD a good chance to be able to the total lunar Eclipse in a largely cloudless sky. Those who wanted to pursue the acting early Monday morning, had to put on it’s warm and out of bed early. By 5.41 PM, the moon is about one hour long-completely in the core shadow of the earth and shimmers.


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