Flooded homes, washed witnesses, cars, shocked eyes – deadly masses of water have surprised on Tuesday evening, the people on the island of Mallorca. Within two hours, a Liter of water from the sky rushed there, according to the weather service, 233. For comparison: In the whole of last year, 850 liters per square meter are passed in Germany in the cut down.

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cold air drops denotes a height of a deep

the devastating storms were Caused, apparently, by a cold-air drop (Spanish: gota fría). So meteorologists are not referred to a height low, which is detected on the ground, says Jan Schenk from The Weather Channel. It is therefore to be seen only at the height of the weather map, but not on the bottom of the weather map.

The forecasters, according to such a cold air drop is formed when the height of a surge arrives, the cold air and warm ground-level air pushes. This strong temperature differences between the air at great heights and the warm air over the warmed-up sea. The warm, moist air rises, cools and it rains.

storm series-meets-West Europe

in the Meantime, it has resolved the cold air drops on the Balearic Islands, according to Schenk. The imminent severe weather, the Spanish weather service announced for other parts of the country, the meteorologists, not with the cold air drops, but with a storm series that is currently on Western Europe.

The Spanish weather service issued the second-highest severe weather warning for Ibiza, Formentera, and a part of Catalonia.

it comes in the autumn in the Mediterranean region to heavy rain, according to meteorologist Schenk is not uncommon. However, the weather on Majorca has been recently unusually intense.

Germany will not meet the storm, according to Schenk for the time being.

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