In the flat land it is wet and cold, while in the mountains with fresh snow of the Winter comes back again. “During the day, temperatures in the lowlands between 0 and 5 degrees, white, nocturnal Surprises should be mushy and eventually melt,” says the meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel by the German weather service. At night, it will but all over again frosty. Smoothness remain a nationwide issue.

On Sunday, it is covered with part of a longer time period of precipitation. Above about 600 metres snow rain and snow falls. In the evening the snow line drops to 400 meters. The maximum values reaching 4 to 7 degrees, in the higher uplands of 1 to 3 degrees.

On Monday it is mostly very cloudy. It always comes back to showers that fall in the higher highlands as snow. The maximum temperatures are between 1 to 6 degrees. Further information is available in the weather column of Jörg Kachelmann.