The winter weather has caused in Parts of Bavaria to a number of accidents. “So far we have around 25 accidents because of the smooth streets,” said a spokeswoman for the police of upper Bavaria South. Mostly, it was only sheet metal damage. Two people were slightly injured.

In upper Franconia slipped because of ice on the A9 near Bishop’s green, several trucks in the guard rail. At times, progress was there on snowy roads, only at a walking pace. In lower Bavaria, the police reported eight weather-related accidents resulting in minor damage.

snowfalls have also led to the Munich airport delays. “Individual Airlines are affected,” said a spokeswoman, individual flights could be (information here). Until the Morning had fallen in the Region around the Airport, with some gusty Winds, more than ten centimeters of new snow.

In the Rest of Germany, however, falls more rain than snow. On Sunday it will be cloudy, according to the German weather service, it is predominantly strong or covered, in a broad strip from the North sea over the mid-to the South it will be raining at times.

South of the Danube, and in Saxony, snow could fall. In the Alps there will be a persistent snowfall, with slowly decreasing intensity. The maximum temperatures should therefore lie in the South-Eastern half of zero to five degrees, in the North-West at five to nine degrees, to the Alps and in the Eastern ergland at zero degrees.

Easy Frost

In the Monday night it is in the Central Eastern part of the snow mountains at times, the Alps, longer. At lower altitudes it will be raining at times. In the South and East, as well as in the higher mountainous country it may be at a temperature of between one and minus three degrees, light Frost.

On Monday it will be cloudy, according to the DWD, and impermanent. Fixed it could rain in the South and South-East, could fall into deep layers of snow. The maximum temperatures are therefore between zero and five, in the North-West to seven degrees, in the higher uplands there could be permafrost.


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