In the debate on the Reform of the welfare state has spoken to the Federal Minister for employment, against a far-reaching abolition of the sanctions for Hartz IV. “I am against any obligation to co-operate to repeal. If someone for the tenth Time does not appear to an appointment at the office, should have the consequences,” said Hubertus Heil (SPD), the daily mirror.

At the same time, he announced to want to certain sanctions abolish those that are ineffective and the Affected anxiety. “Unworthy of the sanctions path.” It was nonsensical, that the 24 would Year sanctioned sharper than the 25-Year-old. Even if the costs for rent and accommodation would be reduced, kidding the people unnecessarily. “Especially in Metropolitan areas with a difficult housing market and that is too much of a hardship.”

The SPD politician also found a longer duration of unemployment benefits for long-term contributors. “We need to make the social network more closely. Anyone who has worked hard and long, paid, needs to be more of unemployment insurance,” said Heil. “We should think about numbers in such cases, longer than in the past the unemployed money, in the ideal case associated with a qualification.”

BA-in-chief: a mediator need to have a means of pressure

The SPD has Long been debated about a Reform or abolition of the under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) introduced the Hartz-basic security system. The party Chairman, Andrea Nahles was Recently called for a “welfare state reform in 2025” and announced: “We will not let Hartz IV behind us.” Later, she said, the new backup would have to be a citizen of money. The benefits should be clear and adequate, sanctions would have to be largely eliminated. Also Green-chief Robert Habeck, pleaded for a removal of the sanctions, but demanded also the introduction of a new warranty system.

The CDU is against it. The claims of the SPD and the Greens after a Hartz-IV-abolition dismissed economy Minister Peter Altmaier: “Such proposals are highly dangerous, and damage the future of our country.” The Hartz IV reforms of Gerhard Schröder was right, and have significantly helped to reduce unemployment. The SPD it was also so bad, because they have distanced themselves again and again against better Knowledge of your own Actions such as the Agenda 2010 and Hartz IV, said Altmaier.

the head of the Federal Agency for work Detlef Scheele warned of a complete removal of the sanctions. For a very small number of people, there is a need for a tool that could enforce a mediator.

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