Who looked to the U.S. West coast on Saturday morning (local time), a newspaper in the letter box, has not been widely successful. Due to a Cyber attack on the computer system of a publishing house, many newspaper readers received their issue late or not at all.

the US were Affected, according to media reports, larger leaves, such as the “Los Angeles Times” and the “San Diego Union Tribune” in California, as well as the West coast editions of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. They all therefore use the same printing company in Los Angeles. The problems delayed both the pressure as well as the delivery of the sheets.

attack should obviously block Server

The media company, Tribune Publishing had discovered according to the Reports, on Friday, malicious Software (“Malware”) on its servers. The Cyber-attack may come from outside the United States, told the “LA Times” citing a well-informed source.

however, It is still too early to say more Accurate. A spokesperson for Tribune Publishing could not confirm the suspicion, according to CNN.

“We believe that the attack will be blocked by the infrastructure, more specifically, the Server said,” said an Informant of the “LA Times”. It was not, however, gone to steal information. Further Details as to the origin or motive of the attack were not immediately known.


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