"Oh man, the skin every rotärschigen baboon out of the cage!" sayings such as this – as a Trucker "snowman" for the first Time Bandits ‘ 77 Pontiac Trans Am to make the Film " – Smokey and the bandit" to the absolute-70s-cult. The plot is quickly told: the Bandit played by Burt Reynolds, because of a bet in his Trans Am from Texas to Atlanta, Georgia lawn and the police orderly on your toes. The Whole thing serves as a distraction so the Bandits buddy snow-man can smuggle in his Truck an illegal shipment of beer.

Bandit and his Trans Am: full throttle, until the rind crackles

What follows: Some of the hottest persecution of film history, with no end of silly and lewd sayings, burnt rubber and a frustrated Sheriff who can’t touch the Bandit, of course, chases. On-the-go Bandit forks, the hitchhiker Carrie (Sally Field), who has just fled from her own wedding. Ironically, the son of the Sheriff, would you want to marry. Since the law guardian is, of course, to 180. But Bandit slips him thanks to his Trans Am with tires squealing through the fingers. To see the Smp/Globe Photos/image collect Burt Reynolds and Sally Field was in “Smokey and the bandit”

Today, the Film would be politically incorrect

Today, Hollywood would turn such a strip scarcely: Bandits sayings (to Carrie: "I would like them Bouncing around on top of you") would immediately unleash a new "Me too" debate, Beer smugglers would probably want no Hollywood Studio as hero in his Film, and fast cars work only in "Fast & Furious" – as the eyes of cancer-causing digital trick Orgy with stylish decal actors, the spraying on the canvas, the Charisma of a defective spark plug.

Trans Am: The car, the all wanted to have

But in the wild ‘ 70s, the anarchist-inspired hit, the bottom line, but completely harmless strip full of the spirit of the time. This is especially true for Bandits sled, the ‘ 77 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with the Golden eagle on the black hood, and the inevitable CB radio device on Board. Under the hood is a 6.6-litre large V8 engine lurked with 200 HP. The sports car with the removable roof hit was halves to the Film, for absolute sale. Any Adolescent with a driver’s license so wanted to have a hot oven.

Hot oven in a heavy car-times

it should not be forgotten: So hot the oven actually was not. The 70s, the most serious, had to make the U.S. auto industry. New environmental regulations, increased insurance premiums, and ultra-sharp speed limits had just made the famous "Muscle Cars" the end. With 200 HP, the Trans was only half as strong as the Mustangs, Challengers, or GTOs from the early ‘ 70s. press-inform, The brand is gone, but the Pontiac Trans Am long since become a legend

The Trans Am was the end of the 70ies (1978 there was the second oil crisis) with the Strongest thing you could get. And he went away like hotcakes: More than 150,000 cars went in 1977 to the man (there were hardly women including). Burt Reynolds once told in an Interview that the Pontiac wanted to give him after the movie, a car – but he didn’t get it.

Due to the huge success of "Smokey and the bandit" at the box office, there were several sequels that were not half as funny. There are other Action films followed. Burt Reynolds appearances with Ulknudel Dom Deluise, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. in the "Cannonball" strip ("On the Highway the hell is going on") you can also just, if you slide on a hot sports car, and Ami-and best of all a can of beer. Or two. Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com Hollywood actor Burt Reynolds was Clearly 82 years old,

Wonderfully carefree times

: Reynolds more games than the loudmouth in a cowboy hat. Unforgettable is his appearance as a ‘ 70s Porn producer in "Boogie Nights" or the tough, desillusionier the end of Action – -Drama "When you Die, the First", where four city slickers are hunted on a canoe trip of hillbilly Rednecks.

But the delightfully light-hearted 70s fun "Smokey and the bandit" is likely to remain for many Reynolds trademark. Today it is a beautiful reminder of brightly colored times without a helmet and without a seat belt, and never come back. One of the best quotes from the Film, as Carrie Bandit asks what he can do best: "big mouth." In this sense: A Burnout on the Burt – as long as something is still allowed.


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