The US television channel Fox News wants to support its direct competitors CNN in its dispute with the American government. The conservative provider will support the CNN filed a written Statement with the court, said Fox News CEO Jay Wallace. He was in favour of a free access of the media to the government and an “open exchange”.

accreditations should never be used as a weapon, said Wallace. His channel to see the increasingly hostile tone between the President and the press at a recent media encounters to be critical, but the freedom of the press.

CNN reports primarily critical of President Donald Trump, Fox News set him to often positive. Trump himself looks to his own statement, like the transmitter, the businessman Rupert Murdoch, is part of the Media.

in addition to Fox News to support a number of other US media organizations CNN with judicial opinions – among them, the Newspapers New York Times and the Washington Post, NBC News, and the news agencies, AP and Bloomberg.

The White house had withdrawn from the CNN Reporter Acosta its accreditation in the past week, until Further notice, after this was advised because of its Demands at a press conference with Trump in dispute. The two faced each other already for a Long time very critical.

Donald Trump – the US President scolded CNN Reporter at a press conference At the Congress elections has delivered Donald Trump’s war of words with journalists. “You are a terrible, outrageous Person,” the President said to a CNN Reporter Jim Acosta. © Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

CNN asked a Federal court in Washington for an injunction with the aim of Acosta holds immediately back to his access. In its complaint, the broadcaster argued that the White house violated the constitutional rights of the reporter and CNN.

That the White house, however, wrote in the court’s opinion that it will have a “broad discretion” to whom it awards accreditation. The game room in this question is the same as in the case of the decisions of the President, which journalists give Interviews and what is he giving press conferences, the word, – was stated in the published Statement.

trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders had justified the withdrawal of Acosta’s accreditation, that these have refused to trump’s request, physically, the microphone, and colleagues to come also word. In the past week, she had justified the measure, however, that Acosta got touched for a trainee of the White house, which had tried the microphone off.

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