Shown above is Samsung Galaxy Fold phones. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics introduced a bendable phone, Galaxy Fold, during the “Unpacked” event in San Francisco on Feb. 20, 2019.

The Seoul-based company disclosed several innovative devices in the city where its rival Apple used to disclose new iPhone models but all eyes were on the foldable device with two displays and six cameras.

Observers came up with various guesses on the official name of the unprecedented gadget with a 7.3-inch display such as Galaxy F, Galaxy X, Galaxy Flex and Galaxy Fold.

Among them, Galaxy F seemed to be a strong candidate. But watchers point out that Samsung decided not to adopt it because “F” typically means “fail,” or the worst grade students get.

Galaxy Flex also has an issue. Samsung’s cross-city rival LG Electronics named its Android phablet as the LG G Flex in 2013.

Then, there remains Galaxy X and Galaxy Fold. Out of the two, Samsung decided to go for the latter.


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