As the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquín Guzmán, nicknamed “El Chapo” Mexico’s most powerful drug boss. Now he is in New York in the process. The support of his wife, is him for sure. Emma Coronel Aispuro differs in a court of law, never by his side.

The 29-Year-old, who had married the former drug bosses already eleven years ago, has been in the U.S. television is now one of their rare Interviews. “I do what every other woman would do. I feel better when I see him,” said Coronel Aispuro the Spanish-language channel Telemundo. She was glad that her husband could laugh in spite of everything.

“El Chapo” (R) in court

“you want him to be the evil ‘El Chapo’, and that’s not fair,”

At the same time, the former beauty criticised the Queen, the role of the press in the process. “The media have created a certain image of him and want to get it now, because it is easier to sell,” says Coronel Aispuro. “You want him to be the evil ‘El Chapo’, and that’s not fair. We must speak the truth.” The 29-Year-old reiterated that she had noticed at home never something. You yourself have done in your life is never something Illegal.

In his home country, Guzmán is regarded as a legend. The 61-Year-old, should already have as a teenager, with marijuana dealing, imported with his Sinaloa cartel at least 200 tons of cocaine into the United States, with private jets, ships and U-boats. He smuggled Heroin, Meth, and marijuana, sometimes hidden in cans with Jalapeños. The goods were distributed through Miami, New York, Chicago and Atlanta, the billion revenue flowed back to Mexico.

Guzman, who was thrice captured and twice escaped, has pleaded not guilty. The death penalty is excluded by agreement between the authorities in the United States and Mexico.

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